SATMA INDUSTRIES specializes in the surface treatment of high-purity aluminium sheets for the specific market of electrolytic capacitors. Through its manufacturing processes based on electrolysis, SATMA INDUSTRIES is an ultra-energy Intensive company, using various chemicals with different levels of hazardousness. We export almost 100% of our products.
SATMA INDUSTRIES' strategy is as follows:
• To continuously improve our productivity. This involves modernizing our work tools through automation and cost-reducing organizational measures. We aim to prepare for the factory of the future.
• To diversify into other business areas, whether related or unrelated to our core business. We aim to have new sources of revenue to offset any potential market losses. SATMA INDUSTRIES' presence in various markets and our export capacity should enable us to make the most of the opportunities that arise.
Risk management is a crucial component of SATMA INDUSTRIES' operations. As a company committed to sustainable growth, we pay particular attention to the control of key risks, whether they are macro-economic, political, situational, environmental, financial, or operational.
To satisfy both our current and future clients, protect our employees from risks associated with our activities, ensure their safety, and safeguard the environment, SATMA INDUSTRIES has chosen to continuously draw inspiration from international standards concerning quality, environmental and safety practices. Additionally, we strive to meet the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard concerning energy management.
These standards lead us, within the framework of continuous improvement, to reduce internal and external non-conformities to the best possible extent. Among other requirements, we ask for the following:
• To comply with and anticipate the legal requirements, other standards, and regulations related to Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, and Energy.
• To minimize human risks through appropriate training and awareness programs for our staff.
• To protect the environment by preventing pollution related to our activities, managing waste and wastewater, and reducing the consumption of natural resources.
• To aim for continuous improvement in our organization's energy performance. Energy is our primary raw material, even before the high purity refined aluminium that we transform. As a hyper-electro-intensive company, we are obligated to comply with the Energy Transition Law for Green Growth. However, SATMA INDUSTRIES' commitment goes beyond this strictly national framework and aligns with a global approach through the directives of the European Union on energy efficiency. We strive to monitor our energy consumption and achieve energy savings year after year. The objectives and targets to achieve this performance will be set and reviewed annually during the Management Review.

In this spirit, and to comply with these various standards:
• I request all departments within the company to work towards utilizing all the best available techniques to reduce our significant energy consumption and improve energy performance.
• I particularly urge the Procurement Department to raise awareness among our suppliers and service providers about providing more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. We should also aim to direct our energy purchases towards renewable sources. I ask the Research and Development Department to design processes and machinery with a focus on improving energy performance.
• I ask all process leaders and their teams to make every effort to implement all provisions related to our Q.H.S.E.E. system.
• I commit to enforcing these provisions and providing the necessary material and human resources to fulfill this mission and ensure the achievement of set energy objectives and targets, as well as ensuring the availability of information

This policy is communicated to all individuals working for or on behalf of SATMA INDUSTRIES and is available upon request to the public.

Grégory SALE – Plant Manager