SATMA PPC is specialized in the surface treatment of high purity aluminum sheets for the specific market of the electrolytic condensers. Due to its manufacturing process, based on the electrolysis, SATMA PPC is a Hyper Electro Intensive company, using dangerous hazardous chemicals

To satisfy our customers, to protect our employees and the environment, we chose to have high requirements in the following areas: Quality, Hygiene, Safety, Environment and Energy.

In the long term we wish to fulfill our requirements for the following:
ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001

These standards lead us to the framework of a continuous improvement to reduce, to the best of our ability, our intern and extern non-compliances. They ask us, among other specific requests to:
•    Respect and anticipate the legal requirements, other requirements and the current guidelines regarding Quality, Hygiene, Safety, Environment and Energy.
•    Minimize the human risks by training and raising adequate awareness of our staff.
•    Maintain but also develop our Q.H.S.E.E. Management system by internal and also external audits, Indicators and regular management reviews. Targets are yearly reviewed for all the guidelines.
•    Protect the environment with a pollution prevention which is linked to our activity, by mastering our waste and our aqueous rejections as well as reducing the consumption of natural resources.
•    Aiming at the improvement of the energy performance of our organization. The energy is our first raw material, before the refined high purity aluminum which we transform. As a hyper electro-intensive company, we must, as a requirement, move within the framework of the law on energy, to quantitative changes to quality ones, towards a green growth. The will of Satma PPC exceeds however the strictly national frame and is a part of the global initiative via the European Union directives on the energy efficiency. We are naturally looking for a potential energy opportunity for our company but our vision is much wider. We register our company into a virtuous circle.
In this spirit and to ensure these various guidelines:

•    I request all the departments of the company, including the Research and development department, to use the best available techniques to reduce our significant energy consumption.
•    I invite in particular the purchase department to promote a friendly environment-towards our suppliers and our contractors with an energy-efficient solution and to guide our energy purchases towards renewable sources.
•    I request our mediation process workforce and their collaborators to implement, at the best of their capacities, the guidelines of our Q.H.S.E.E. system.
•    We commit ourselves to apply these measures, and hand over to the person in charge of the Q.H.S.E.E. Management system, the authority by delegation of power, the necessary material and human means to insure this mission and guarantee the achievement of the objectives fixed which will be reviewed yearly during the annual management review.

The basis for sustainability in engineering is a profound understanding of the principles of resource efficiency, life cycle thinking, industrial ecology, risk management, and sustainable production and consumption.

Sustainability engineering involves and requires a systems understanding of technological, economic, environmental, and sustainability issues from the corporate, process, product, supply chain, and regional perspectives.

This policy is released to every staff member and /or on behalf of SATMA PPC Company, it is also available on special request to the public.

Laurent Courbet
General Manager