Transactions & Orders:

Transactions or orders become definitive after our acceptance and written confirmation only. Unless otherwise stated, orders are delivered with a plus or minus 10% tolerance. Prices and lead-times are given for reference only. The lack of written reservation from the buyer after acknowledgement of order involves his agreement on the specific sale conditions and implies his acceptance of the current general conditions as well as the waiver of his own purchase conditions.

Forces Majeure:

Fire, strikes, natural disaster or incident that takes place in the seller’s plants or warehouses, as well as defaults by raw material suppliers or carriers are considered as acts of God ad relieve the seller from is delivery obligations. Reduction in raw material or energy quantities due to any shortage allows the seller to hold his deliveries proportionally.


Transportation of good sold in France is made at the buyer’s expenses and risks In the case of “ex-works” sales. As for goods shipped outside France, the liabilities of the buyer, of the seller and of the carrier are set up according to the “Incoterms” rules. If the transaction includes successive deliveries, any defaulting delivery may not invalidate the transaction as far as the other deliveries are concerned.

Claims: (lien vers une ancre dans la partie service client/réclamation)

Our claims Policy and Process:

The customer must check both quantity and state of goods upon delivery. Any quality defect or any hidden defect, as well as any size discrepancy that would be noticed after delivery may not bind us beyond the replacement of the concerned products, to the exclusion of any compensation. Products sent back for replacement will remain under our property. Claims must be notified within one month from the delivery. They will be taken into consideration only if products have not been yet transformed.

Prices – Payment terms:

Prices shown on our acknowledgement of order remain subject to revision in accordance with the evolution of raw materials, energy and labour costs that might occur from the ordering date until the delivery date. Change of prices between the order and the delivery dates may not, in any circumstance constitute grounds for cancelling the order.

Prices are valid for payment within 30 days from the invoice date. Any others payment terms will have to be specially agreed upon. Failure to pay any invoice or draft payment on its due date makes payment of all other invoices or drafts immediately due. In this event, we will be entitled to request advance payment before shipping any other supply and to cancel orders or transactions placed by the defaulting debtor without any compensation or any notice.

Before any shipment, we reserve ourselves the right to request a guarantee in accordance with the importance of the credit granted or to be granted for the fulfilment of the transaction. Goods given for conversion are considered as our guarantee. Without prejudice of other damages that might be due, any late payment gives rise to invoicing of both interests calculated at the Euribor plus 5 points and related bank expenses.

Reserve of Ownership:

The goods remain our sole and absolute property until complete payment of the sale price, notwithstanding prior transfer to the buyer of risks as soon as the said goods are placed at his disposal in accordance with the above conditions. The buyers will keep goods delivery by SATMA INDUSTRIES under reserve of ownership so that they can be identified and cannot be mixed up with others. In case of failure to pay, we reserve ourselves the right to get the goods back. The buyer will have to return them at first demand and without prejudice of the damages due because of this cancellation.

Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes:

For any dispute concerning:

-Sales in France:  the sole competent Court is the Trade Court of Isère whatever the payment terms and delivery conditions may be and even in the case of an action lead by several plaintiffs.

-Sales outside France: the dispute will be settled in accordance with the laws of France and with the Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce. The place of arbitration will be Paris (France).