Our purchasing policy is structured around three principles:

•    The quality of products and service provided are in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications
•    Securing supplies.
•    The cost cutting of purchases.

One of the roles of our purchasing department is to develop strategies to create a relationship of trust. The attractiveness is also for the supplier:  to be the favorite customer of his supplier, to be the one having fast-deliveries at the best prices which is the essential element in ensuring the ongoing growth of both companies. SATMA PPC is convinced that suppliers have a different vision during information exchanges when they have positioned themselves as far upstream as possible. Our suppliers can and must be a source of proposals in the pooling of the know-how transfer. A better listening, a bilateral studying and experience in a more neutral context than a standard running business seetting emerges from it. The reduction of cost does not only take the shape of a granted supplementary discount by the supplier in the final phase of negotiation. The supply chain includes the extended enterprise to its suppliers' network. A well-structured upstream communication means a good understanding of all this value chain, which allows to detect upcoming sources of earnings.

In line with the requirements of ISO certifications 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and BS OHSAS 18001 standard, our process of continuous improvement places the international standards in the center of our purchase processing objectives. It is about an initiative of control over the risks and about performance improvement by reducing all our environmental and energy impacts. Our purchasing department integrates the energy performances in the technical specifications and provides the best technology watch in close collaboration with the maintenance department. The decrease in our use of energy consumption is related to the natural resources depletion and also linked to the discharges of connected combustion necessary to produce these energies.
SATMA PPC makes sure that our quality Q.H.S.E.E. energy policy is taken into account by our suppliers. Our role is to incite them to accompany us in the ISO standards.

•    Look for the right necessity including service criteria, technicality.
•    Stimulate the competition for store articles and orders for direct purchases to obtain different estimates from the suppliers which would improve costs and quality and also offer services associated with the management of these articles.
•    Stimulate the competition by obtaining a minimum of three estimates for any order superior to 500.00€
•    Negotiate the proposals with the suppliers for maintenance expenses by making sure that the technical quality of the offer is in line with their best technological and economic potential, to best suit our needs. We require to know the best available techniques and its state of the art.
•    Expand the supplier innovation capacity (extend enterprise and open innovation), when the safety factors, reliability, the attractiveness of service and the cost can be improved.
•    No tacit renewal of contract but forward negotiation will be set up in case of proposed contract with tacit renewal with the supplier, we will forward the signed contract, with the termination.
•    Maximum duration of a contract: 18 months.
•    Respect deadlines and forward information as soon as possible if there are any delay.
•    Reactivity from customer service.

SATMA PPC expects from their future suppliers, the same as their actual suppliers, a strict behavior in compliance with the rules of ethics:
•    Confidentiality for the data supplied by SATMA PPC and information of their own offers.
•    Do not try to obtain a competitive advantage by opposite acts in the business ethics.

SATMA PPC makes a commitment to act towards his suppliers with transparency, the ethics and the equal treatment.