SATMA INDUSTRIES is specialized in the surface treatment of sheets of aluminum high purity for the specific market of the electrolytic condensers. Due to its manufacturing processes, based on the electrolysis, SATMA INDUSTRIES is a Hyper Electro Intensive company, using various dangerous hazardous chemicals. Almost 100 % of our sales are exported.
The commercial policy constitutes the fundamental principle of our ethics and our code of conduct. One of the roles of our Sales department is to develop strategies in order to create a particularly reliable relation with our customers worldwide.
To satisfy our current customers and future ones, joining the requirements of ISO certifications 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and normalizes OHSAS 18001, our continuous improvement approach places the international reference tables in the center of the objectives of the sales function. It is about a quality approach of control of the risks and improvement of the performance by reducing all our environmental and energy impacts.
As a metal processing factory, we base our commercial policy on the model of the respectable producer. Animated by sharp consciousness of its responsibilities to companies, society and the environment, SATMA INDUSTRIES establishes its code of ethics on virtues aiming at the long-term economic success of the company.
The values such as the open-mindedness, the consideration of our peers, the perseverance and the transparency are the pillars of any collaboration, within the company as well as with our outside relations. We expect from our business partners a code of ethics resting on the same values.
The environmental protection, the thrifty management of the resources such as the water, the grounds, the air and the energy, the respect for human rights and for the 2004 / 113 / CE directive (in regards to the equal treatment between men and women) are for us an obvious fact.
We apply a policy of continuous improvement for all the aspects of the company. The continuous training, the optimization of the manufacturing processes and the administration, the development and the technical improvement as well as the development of the relations with our customers through our customer service are a part of our priorities. This momentum is motivated by internal audits realized at regular intervals at the request of our management.

We do not commit actions which promises or grants advantages to business partners or to other third parties to conclude business. It is not authorized to accept from our customers or other business partners, favors of a financial nature or other personal advantages contributing to our own enrichment.
Our internal policy is to have the widest possible customer portfolio in order not to depend on any "strategic" customers. Accordingly, there is no "small customer". We make a commitment in the long-term supply of our customers, including and especially in period of strong activity. Our vision for our business relation is to favor agreements based on trust.

The customer satisfaction is generating value for the company; thus it is a top priority lever. The measure of the monthly indicator called IRD (Index for the Deadlines) allows to ensure a good quality of service.
The commercial policy aims at insuring the sustainability of the company via the preservation of the minimal margins and the collection of receivables from our customers. Customer receivables are weekly analyzed. The monthly indicator allows us to ensure our payment recovery.

The sales department watches the satisfaction of needs and expectations of our customers, insures the good communication with the customers, guarantees that the requirements of our customers are understood and respected. Except for the existing indicator IRD (Index for the Deadlines) the customer satisfaction is measured during visits as well as by means of satisfaction surveys sent by our customers.
The sales department masters the whole communication with the customers in case of non-compliances and any possible quality complaints.
We improve, continiously, the relevance, the adequacy and the efficiency of the quality management system.