Due to its activities our industrial site in Goncelin has installations classified for environmental protection (specific French environmental regulation). It leads to many regulatory requirements that SATMA INDUSTRIES has to meet in order to prevent any environmental pollution. 

A strict organization has been settled up in order to ensure a permanent control of our release and the sorting of our waste. A water-treatment plant located in the site treats the water of the factory before throwing it out in the natural environment. The control of dozens of parameters allows to guarantee that our aqueous release has no impact on the waterways of the Gresivaudan Valley, where the plant is located. By-products that are generated by our process are taken back by firms which re-use them, for example as water treatment products. We also keep updated an environmental evaluation to identify our potential impacts on environment and to prevent pollution risks. A regulatory monitoring is continuously carried out to make sure SATMA INDUSTRIES complies with its regulatory requirements.

We are continuously searching for partners who may be interested by our by-products (aluminium salt). Technical data sheets and material safety data sheets are available on demand.