Welcome to our industrial partner and to our potential suppliers!

SATMA INDUSTRIES work hand in hand with its suppliers to guarantee the obtaining of goods and services with the lowest global cost.

As most of the companies belonging to the aluminum sector, SATMA INDUSTRIES dedicate a big part of his turnover to electricity purchase.
It is a member of the electro-intensive industries.

Raw materials:
The 99.99% pure (4N) aluminum foils used by SATMA INDUSTRIES mainly come from Japan. We provide ourselves from the biggest aluminum world sellers in order to guarantee the quality of our basic product and be assured that we don't lack of raw materials.

Chemical Products:
We use acid baths for the aluminum foil's electrolysis.
Contact us for more information on the product which we use.

We receive and send product all around the world by expeditions of coupled shipping road / sea / air. We are working with the biggest world carriers to assure deliveries.